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The Secret to Timeless Design

Updated: 3 days ago

What if you could design a space that never went out of style? Think about the money you could save in decorating costs! This sounds amazing, so I started the search for the secrets of timeless design.

There are some trends that we know have withstood the test of time and that is where we are going to begin.

Wide Plank White Oak Hardwood Flooring:

Hardwood flooring has been used since the 1600s and we are still using it today. You can't go wrong with the classic white oak wide planks. Fancy hardwood designs are nice, but with trends changing so often it is safer to go with a traditional layout. Flooring is not easy or cheap to replace, so you want to choose something that will go with just about any style decoration and will last a very long time. For an example, you can see in the images below, the wide plank oak flooring pairs well with a modern and a classic aesthetic. Also, notice that both rooms also use a similar light, neutral paint color. This brings me to my next timeless design trend.

Light Color, Neutral Wall Paint:

Light colors make a space seem larger and brighter. Color walls and wall paper come and go often, but neutral colored walls have been around for a long time and has never really gone out of style. A neutral wall can be paired with any design aesthetic and look great. A neutral painted wall acts as a blank canvas for as much or as little decoration as you please.

The photos below are from Country living, House Beautiful, and Elle. These are three different aesthetics, but all have white walls.

Crystal Chandelier:

Another element I noticed that has also held up to the test of time is the Chandelier.

There have been many versions of the chandelier over time, but the classic chandelier has held up over the years and is still used today.


"The designs and materials used developed as production techniques improved with time. By the 15th century, complex gold gilded chandeliers had become an essential element in residences of the wealthy nobility.

Chandeliers first appeared in homes of the working-classes during the 16th and 17th century. While the common households used wood, wrought iron, or tin to fashion their chandeliers, even more expensive and elaborate chandeliers made from rock crystal – a transparent form of quartz – were created during this period that only few could afford."

No matter what your design preference is, it's hard to go wrong with a crystal chandelier!

Gallery Walls:

The Gallery wall can be anything that you want it to be. As long as you use items or images that are meaningful to you it can't go out of style for you. You can even just replace the images in the frames or move them around if you feel the need for a change or update and have a completely new looking wall. If color doesn't appeal to you then black and white is an option.

"In the original salons, there was fierce competition for prime spots on the wall. The most coveted spot? In the main room, art hung centrally on the wall and “on the line,” meaning at eye level for optimal viewing. Only very successful and celebrated pieces received such placement. Works deemed less important were hung toward the very top and bottom of the walls. Remember, these salons were popular long before Netflix or your local library -- this is a time when painting and art were a massive cultural touchstone and source of entertainment. When salons were opened to the public in 1737, people flocked to the exhibitions to witness the height of artistic achievement. As salon style exhibits spread throughout Europe, the full-wall arrangement gained popularity. Those with immense means mimicked the style in private homes, a precursor to the styles we use in our homes today." -

Persian and Oriental Rugs:

Oriental Rugs have been around for thousands of years and we still use them. With multiple patterns and colors to choose from it's easy to find a rug to work in your space. To find out more on the history of these rugs you can visit:

Chesterfield Sofa:

From what I have researched it seems that the conclusion about a timeless sofa is the Chesterfield Sofa. For the history on this sofa see:

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