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2024 Interior Design Trends

Updated: Jun 5

A new year means new design trends. This year's color of the year seems to fall into the blue category for most color forecasters, but Pantone chose the color peach fuzz. We can expect to see this color in graphic design, clothing, and interior design this year.

Upward is the paint color chosen by Sherwin Williams

To see other company's colors of the year, click the link below:

Another trendy color, according to other bloggers, is brown. This isn't a color that has been too popular until recently since people were leaning more toward modern greys and blacks.

This year, a warm, natural surrounding is more favorable.

Historical influence always seems to make its way onto the list no matter what decade we draw inspiration from each year. It is predicted that the Art Deco Period and also the 70s will be of influence this year. The 70s inspiration explains the sudden fascination with the color brown. Metallic accents are expected to be in this year, an Art Deco trend.

Curves are among the 2024 trends. Curves provide a more playful, less traditional feel to a space and are safer for children. Bright, bold colors are also forecasted for 2024. This adds to the same playful aesthetic as the curved shapes.

We are seeing a shift from minimalism to maximalism as we have for the past couple of years now. The style seems to be more eclectic with collected items, either vintage or bold. It is a style that incorporates an abundance of whatever someone likes.

Just like the past few years, sustainable design and bringing nature into design is of top priority.

Handmade and hand-painted tiles are also gaining popularity. Tile companies are transitioning to include these types of tiles in their collections. Vintage items are popular again, which is helpful with the sustainability trend. Reusing vintage items cuts down on the amount of waste of buying new items.

Textured walls and sculptural pieces are becoming favorable accent pieces this year also.

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