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Registered Architect

We are looking for a registered architect to join our current team. 

• Architect must be registered in Alabama with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in the design and production of commercial architecture.

• The candidate must possess leadership qualities and be able to manage a production team, meet schedules, coordinate with consulting engineers and construction administration personnel.

• The candidate must always have a professional attitude while representing our Company, inside and outside of the office.

• Experience with AutoCad and Revit is required. 

As a studio leader you will be expected to lead by example. In our eyes, here at Designform, we view a great leader as:

• Someone who realizes that having a successful team is more important than being a successful individual. A team, when under the leadership of someone who values every team member for their individual skills, can achieve so much more than one skilled individual alone. 

• Someone who has a great deal of knowledge they wish to share with others and can create an excitement about the tasks and challenges that the team will face.

• Someone who will bring new ideas for the growth of the team, but also be willing to listen to the ideas of others. 

• Proper delegation is key in the success of any project and good leader will know the strengths of their team members in order to perform this process most effectively.

We are looking for someone who is experienced, team oriented, motivated, and hard working. At Designform we understand the demands of family life outside of the office and will do all that we can to assist each other in the completion of each project in a timely manner so that other important matters can be taken care of. When you are at the office you should be devoted to completing the best work that you possibly can to further the team.

If you possess the skills mentioned above, we would love to meet you. Send us your resume and we will be in touch. 


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