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Summer Stay-cation Ideas

Since Summer officially starts this Sunday and many of us are not ready to venture to far out due to the pandemic, I wanted to share some ways to make your COVID -19 stay-cation enjoyable.

Camp Out at your house or socially distant from other campers:

Whether you travel a short distance or camp outside of your home, just enjoying the nature can be a nice way to relax from the everyday hustle and bustle of indoor life.


Take a walk

Ride a bike

Plant a garden

Drive a scenic route

Kayak or swim

Cook, Eat, Enjoy!

Get a taste of the tropics with these tropical recipes:

Have your very own stay at home spa!

Give yoga a try

Soak in a bubble bath

Try a d.i.y. facial

Try a new hairstyle

Paint your nails

Create a home theater inside or outside.

Make a theater inside or outside with a projector or watch movies on your television.

Don't forget the popcorn, coke, and candy!

Make your own movie with a go pro or cellphone.

Have a picnic or grill out!



Home made ice cream and Popsicles!

We hope you have a wonderful summer!!!!!

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