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Maximizing Your Home for an Office Space

Updated: Jun 7

Maximizing a small space to incorporate a home office may not be as tricky as it seems.

There is sometimes space that is overlooked or improperly used that can be transformed.

1. Have you ever thought about turning that extra cost in your home into an office?

Check out his amazing transformation on

This space looks so incredible. I thought this must have been such a difficult renovation, but after looking at her website I realized that it is actually really achievable!

2. If you don't have that extra closet, you can separate out a space with a curtain or a screen to give you a boundary for a divided space. This Curtain is from Amazon.

RYB HOME Blackout Thermal Insulated Blind Curtains:

3. If you have an odd nook in your home, this may be the perfect spot for a desk or a few shelves. Roll up a chair and you have a desk.

4. A corner can become an office. All you need is a corner desk, some corner shelves, and a chair. This is a cute corner desk from Wayfair called the Suri Writing Desk and a couple of floating corner shelf ideas from Amazon.

5. Take a look at some of the great options for small desks at:


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