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Interesting Architecture

Updated: Jun 5

The Mullet House

This may just look like an ordinary home that blends in with all the other homes on the street from the front, but when you see the back you will understand why it is referred to as the mullet house.

"The front half of the house fits in with the historic Wilmore streetscape. But the house was completely renovated and expanded by Australian architect Maria Gigney and Height Design + Build a few years ago." -

The Saruhan Bey Building in Manisa, Turkey

When you have a problem, sometimes you just have to work around it. That is exactly what the architect did in this case. A historic tree, over 300 years old, was not allowed to be cut down so it was incorporated into the design of the building instead.

Apartment Building in Turin, Italy

This is another building that incorporates trees. The architect intentionally incorporated trees throughout the building to create a more sustainable and natural environment for the tenants. The building is 5 stories and resembles a giant tree house.

Valley Towers - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

These towers are mixed-use and have the sleek look of a business tower on some sides, but also have concrete cantilevered apartments on another side. The towers look as though they have split apart to reveal the concrete parts of the building. It is a beautiful contrast of materials.

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