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Graphics Design Trends 2024

Updated: May 15

Not a lot has changed in design trends from 2023. These are a few of the trends that are predicted for 2024:

  1. Vintage design inspiration and nostalgic color palettes

  2. Maximalism in design, little to no white space. Filling up the page with colorful graphics. Similar to a page from a Where's Waldo book. Lots of actions are happening at once. The design should still have a main focal point. This trend has also been popular in interior design in recent years.

  3. 3D Surrealism, 3D design - With new Adobe programs making it easier to design in 3D, this type of design has become more popular. Applying patterns and textures to 3D objects has also become a lot easier.

  4. Experimental typography, text as a focal point. Text has always played a huge part in design, but recently text has become more creative and playful, often pushing the boundaries of what text has accomplished in the past.

  5. Antidesign - This is where designers make a design by breaking all or most of the standard design rules. It only works for certain types of brands/groups.

  6. Gradients, neutral and vibrant gradients. Abstract gradients and unique color gradients. Gradients add a lot of interest to a design and can be calming or energizing depending on what colors are used. Recently some designers have started mixing colors that do not seem to go together and making them work for their design.

  7. Texture, Glass effects. This is also helped by the new Adobe programs and 3D elements. Glass is easier to render in these newer programs and designers are liking the look.

  8. Earthy Designs - This has been very popular since the COVID Pandemic. Many turned to nature after being locked up for so long in their homes.

  9. Geometric shapes - This is a classic design element, but abstract patterns have become more popular recently.

  10. Barbie Pink and other extremely saturated colors that catch a viewer's attention

  11. Dots/halftone designs and pixel patterns

  12. Grids and borders

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