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Can AI be a Positive Asset for Architects?

BIM is a program already used by the construction industry to collaborate and create 3D models of buildings. With the integration of AI, the computer program could learn to tell if there is an issue needing addressed and analyze all aspects of the project including zoning and covenant rules. As of right now AI still has a ways to go before it can do the full work of an architect, but in the near future, it could be beneficial in speeding up and refining the human process. AI analysis of a model could help reduce cost, production time, and inefficiencies. Some programs are already available for purchase that have the capability of showing multiple variations of site plans and interior plan layouts.

AI text to image has started to develop rapidly and many companies are trying to keep up with one another in these advances. Adobe is one company working on developing new software to compete with other AI art generators such as Midjourney. In the new beta app Adobe Firefly I gave the input “Futuristic building made of recycled materials,” and the photo below shows one of the generated outputs.

This app is great for schematic and conceptual planning. You can choose from multiple output styles. Another example below: Adobe Firefly Beta App Input - “A futuristic building in an art deco style”

Below is an example of the Vizcom AI image generator. I gave the generator the elevation image and a prompt that read “building with stucco and stone, Spanish clay roof tiles” and this was the result. While this is a pretty impressive outcome, you can see that the program interpreted a few items differently than the elevation shows. This is still a great, fast and easy way to generate some inspiration images for your clients from an architectural elevation.

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