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Art and Architecture

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I wanted to share some of the new, amazing buildings that are beautiful works of art. The building called "The Imprint," located in close proximity to Seoul’s airport

This building's openings replicate the opening of curtains which kind of also leads to anticipation of wondering what it is behind the curtain. To me it looks like the lifting of a blanket as if you are peeking underneath to see what is under it. That is what art is, multiple ideas can be formed about what something represents. Architecture provides form and function, but in this case it has crossed the lines and leaves us wondering if it is more art than architecture. It makes sense that these buildings would be works of art themselves since together they are a two-building arts and entertainment complex. I don't think that the creativity of a building should be limited because of the type of facility it is though. An office building is just as much of a blank canvas as a museum or entertainment facility. The organic shapes that the building achieves makes the viewer also wonder how this can even be possible. Buildings are mostly sharp edges and straight lines. It is amazing how organic shapes can be applied to a building. On this building you can see each panel where the attachment was made. This makes it easier to comprehend the puzzle like quality that was used in order to create the organic rippling look.

The interior is just as interesting as the exterior. When you walk inside, mirrors reflect bold patterns from the floor and you are surrounded with color.

This U.S. Air Force Academy Center for Character & Leadership Development / SOM is a great example of not limiting the creativity of buildings to entertainment type facilities.

This U.S. Air Force Academy Center for Character & Leadership Development / SOM is a great example of not limiting the creativity of buildings to entertainment type facilities.

The article says: “Character and leadership development is the essence of the Air Force Academy’s mission and is interwoven into every aspect of the Academy experience,” says Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson, Superintendent of the U.S. Air Force Academy. “This iconic structure represents our bold vision to become the premier venue for the integrated study and development of character and leadership.”

Although the feature of the building, a pyramidal, 105-foot-tall-skylight, is not organic, it is unusual for a building shape because it is a leaning structure and is made up of glass windows.The metal framing creates multiple triangle shapes that make up the jutting structure. From the inside, the structure acts as a beautiful skylight. It is an amazing showcase of structural and architectural engineering.

At night the pyramid shape lights up like a lamp and is beautifully contrasted against the night sky.

Here is another organic shaped building, this time as a chapel in South Africa.

The architect says:

"The new chapel, set within a vineyard in South Africa, is designed by South-African born Coetzee Steyn of London based Steyn Studio. Its serene sculptural form emulates the silhouette of surrounding mountain ranges, paying tribute to the historic Cape Dutch gables dotting the rural landscapes of the Western Cape. Constructed from a slim concrete cast shell, the roof supports itself as each undulation dramatically falls to meet the ground. Where each wave of the roof structure rises to a peak, expanses of glazing adjoined centrally by a crucifix adorn the façade.

The description goes on to say that it was inspired by Psalms 36:7; which reads: How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.

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