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What Will Architectural And Interior Design Look Like This Decade?

As I have explored numerous post about forecasting the upcoming design trends of 2020 I found a few items that seem to be most commonly talked about.

1. Sustainability

You all probably saw this one coming. The realization of the amount of energy and material waste we have has led to a somewhat frantic attempt to turn things around for the environment. It seems that in the past sustainability has just been a trend or a suggestion, but in this decade it is likely that sustainability will be expected and required in new codes that have not existed before. To lower the consumption of energy, new buildings may have more windows for natural lighting, more efficient heating/cooling systems, maximize a smaller area with proper space planning, use recycled materials, insulate effectively, and incorporate the use of solar panels. For more energy savings, companies may even choose to update an old building instead of constructing a new one.

2. The Use of Luxury Textiles

Most agree that luxury textiles will be popular in abundance as consumers attempt to create a comfortable, warm, sanctuary from the chaos of the outside world. Tapestries, woven rugs, velvet, knit, and more create a soft welcoming environment.

3. Maximalism

This is the opposite of minimalism. The spaces that were so popular not many years ago with the straight lines, and the perfect looking spaces are beautiful, but not very functional in most cases. Maximalism is a more eclectic look where individuals are creative in their environments rather than sticking to one specific trend. This can be a mix of old and new trends, patterns, colors, and materials.

4. Smart Homes/Offices

Smart devices will remain popular as many people continue to add to their smart home collection for ease of access to appliances in the home and as security devices. A Smart Home is no longer a futuristic dream, but a reality that continues to grow.

5. Multi Functional Spaces

Spaces that can be used for more than one task can help reduce the space needed to live. Open concept Kitchen and living spaces will remain popular and will continue to be the social hub of the home. Many people work from home now and need as space that can function as a home an office.


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