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Creative Storage

Updated: Jun 10

If you're like me, then you may often wonder when you go into what seems to be a super clean and organized home, "Where do these people put all of their stuff?" You know the keys, the coats, the remotes, etc., all of that stuff laying around our homes... Well, in today's post I will be looking into clever storage places that we can implement to make our spaces look more magazine like.

When it comes to maximizing storage space we must turn to empty space that most of us would not naturally think about using.

One item that I have found effective in my own living space is the storage coffee table that can easily be transformed into a desk to use at your couch. The one pictured below was found on Home Depot's website, but I found mine online from Target. Other stores have similar versions. I like this design because it has extra storage underneath the hidden storage compartment. You can slide bins, baskets, or decorative boxes into the underside storage areas if you do not want any exposed items to show. The one and only downfall to this item is that if you need to use the desk portion while you have guests visiting, you will have to expose what is stored below. This means you may have to organize the top storage compartment on occasion. The price for this item is very affordable at around $150-$200 each.

The next item is an item that I have also had success with. It is a very slim cabinet that sits beside the toilet to hold toilet paper or other small items. I have a very small bathroom and 2 dogs that love to shred items that are sitting around. This product allows me to hide the clutter and keep it safe from the dogs. The one that is pictured below is found on Amazon.

Under bed storage is another solution that can be utilized to cut down on clutter. Often the space under a bed is open and can become an area that collects dust and clothing that might be kicked underneath. I have been seeing beds with storage that is built in, but there are also a lot of storage containers that are sold for this use. The bed below was found on Wayfair's website and the baskets were found on World Market's website.

As far as under the couch storage goes it is not as easy to find storage containers that fit under most couches. There are d.i.y. couches that you can build to have storage if you are handy at wood working. If you are looking for an easier solution, try to find one that has built in storage. I found a futon sold by Walmart that has storage underneath. This sofa/bed/storage combo I found by Husky also looks really great.

Check out this site for some more really helpful ideas:

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