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Colorful Education Facility Designs

Updated: Jun 6

If colors have a positive impact on learning, then why are we not using them in more education facilities? Too many schools are plain, drab, and void of a welcoming environment. The schools shown below are fun, vibrant colors and interesting shapes. According to, green improves concentration. What if you had large green color blocks in a testing room? Maybe this would help to improve test scores among students. If orange is an energizing color, then this seems to be a great exterior color so that a child will be energized and excited to enter the school instead of dreading the experience. The environment that you are in can have an effect on how you learn and feel. It is exciting to see these schools are improving the look of education facilities in a positive way. states that"Visual stimulation through color is essential for a positive learning environment. Research shows that monotone classroom and learning areas may induce feelings of anxiety, distress, and even fear. What’s more, a lack of color can create a sense of restlessness, excessive emotional response, difficulty in concentration, and irritation."

Ivanhoe Grammar Senior Years & Science Centre by McBride Charles Ryan

Quzhou Kecheng Jiaogong Kindergarten by LYCS Architecture

Forfatterhuset Kindergarten by Cobe


Nanyang Primary School | Studio 505


Photos by John Gollings

Fitzroy High School in Melbourne by McBride Charles Ryan

Fitzroy North, Australia

Photos by John Gollings

Irwin M. Jacobs Elementary School by Turowski2 Architecture

New Bedford, MA

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