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The Rise of Media Architecture

Las Vegas MSG Sphere

The future is literally bright with this type of architecture. Digital exterior buildings open up the look of a facade to endless possibilities. This circular building in Las Vegas will serve as a concert venue and the building itself also serves as a tourist attraction. The project is said to have cost around 2 billion dollars to complete and has a capacity of 20,000 people.

Lighting as an architectural element has come a long way. Basic spotlights and neon signage can add to a building's look, but now we have the capability to cover an entire building in moving images and text. This can be used as a decorative element or as an advertisement tool.

"Medialized LED facades accomplish much more than integrated LED boards could ever do besides elevating the architecture itself to a digital media platform. In contrast to conventional video screens that come into conflict with daylight harvesting of a building, LED media facades allow natural light to flow through the screen." -

There are also no size limits when using LED Nodes. You can create any shape or size you want.

What are some issues facing this type of digital architecture?

There has been some controversy over this type of media architecture.

Here are some things to consider when choosing to work with an exterior LED Facade:

  • How will light intrusion affect other businesses or residences?

  • Could it be a possible distraction to drivers?

  • Will the product decay over time and how will it be maintained?

  • How will you choose what to display? Will the content be accepted by the community?

  • Will it affect the next tenant? Can it be removed? Will it affect the resale value?

  • What will the cost be to cover the exterior of the building in lights? Material/ Labor/Electricity Cost


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