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Should you Move or Expand?

Updated: Jun 5

How to know which option is better for you:

While both have pros and cons, we can help you either way. If you are unsure, we can do a feasibility study to see what works best for you and your team. We will examine your existing space to determine whether reconfiguration or expansion is possible. We will examine what an addition would look like and how much space you can add. If you are not happy with the outcome of the expansion options, then moving or building is likely best. Whether you choose a renovation, addition, or new building, we will help you plan your new space by assessing your needs, priorities, and ideas and incorporating these into our schematic plans. After we draw out our schematic plans we will review and make changes for you as you would like until we determine the best layout for your business.

Time Limitations/Continued Production:

Do you have to be out of a building by a certain date? Do you have a specific date that a renovation or new building must be completed? Will a renovation cause production time loss? Time is a major factor in all projects; therefore, schedules will be provided prior to construction to determine what a realistic time frame for such a project would be. There are ways around productivity distractions such as phasing a renovation. This often allows a business to stay in operation while a renovation is taking place. Contractors, architects, and engineers have plenty of experience with this. If you have any time restrictions or concerns, be sure to discuss them with your design team.

How will you know the cost of your renovation or new building?

The cost of your scope of work will be determined before the work begins. The contractor will provide you with a contract amount or you can have more than one contractor bid on the project and decide which one is the most cost-effective, well-thought-out plan.

Is there enough space on site for an Expansion?

It can be hard to know if you have room outside your facility to expand when you factor in parking lots, setbacks/property lines, site grading, roads, and more. These are all questions that we can help you answer as part of our feasibility study.

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