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Repurposed Historic Fallout Shelters

Updated: 3 days ago

Renovations, of abandoned historic architecture are fascinating, but what is most fascinating about these projects is what the buildings were before.

Among the interesting historic buildings are bunkers and fall-out shelters from past wars. Some of these shelters have been transformed into stores, museums, clubs, businesses, and more. Let's take a look at how these historic buildings, both above and below ground have been put to use for the present.

Dance Club - Beirut, Lebanon

Year: 1998

"Text description provided by the architects. B 018 is a music club designed by Bernard Khoury Architects, a place of nocturnal survival. In the early months of 1998, the B 018 moved to the "Quarantaine", on a site that was better known for its macabre aura. The "Quarantaine" is located at the proximity of the port of Beirut. During the French protectorate, it was a place of quarantine for arriving crews. In the recent war it became the abode of Palestinian, Kurdish and South Lebanese refugees (20,000 in 1975). In January 1976, local militia men launched a radical attack that completely wiped out the area. The slums were demolished along with the kilometer long bordering wall that isolated the zone from the city. Over twenty years later, the scars of war are still perceptible through the disparity between the scarce urban fabric of the area and the densely populated neighborhoods located across the highway that borders the zone." -

Bahnhof Data Center - Stockholm, Sweden

Architects: Albert France-Lanord Architects

Year: 2008

This former nuclear bunker was transformed into a futuristic-inspired Data Center.

Pionen is a former civil defense center constructed in the White Mountains Södermalm borough of Stockholm, Sweden in 1943 to safeguard essential government functions. It was transformed into a data center by the Swedish internet service provider, Bahnhof.

The Shelter - Shanghai, China

You can stay up late in Shanghai, China listening to music at this Cold War bunker that was transformed into a nightclub.

Bunker 42 - Moscow, Russia

Bought at auction in 2006, for 65 million rubles, this bunker in Moscow, Russia is now a restaurant, club, and museum.

"Bunker 42, formerly known as the Tagansky Protected Command Point, was built in the 50’s and operated up until 1986. The massive underground space (7,000 square meters, or 75,000 square feet) was designed so that 3,000 military officials could survive for three months without resupply."

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