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Proposed U.S. Skyscrapers

Legends Tower, Oklahoma City

After its construction, Legends Tower, a proposed 1,907 ft. tower in Oklahoma City, will be the tallest skyscraper in the United States. The building includes 3 small buildings at the base, a lagoon, and a boardwalk. Construction is planned to begin in Fall 2024, but the three smaller buildings will be built before the tallest tower. This is to be an attraction for the somewhat small City. The tower is proposed to have 136 floors of residential and hotel space and should be complete by 2030. The Devon Tower currently holds the record for Oklahoma City's tallest tower, standing at only 844 ft. tall.

Affirmation Tower, New York City

New York is set to build another skyscraper in Hudson Yard. The design was revised from the previous design and is planned to be a mixed-use development. The building is proposed to have, "mixed-income apartments, a convention center, retail space, community facilities, a public observation deck, and The National Civil Rights Museum as part of a collaboration with the NAACP." - New YoorkYIMBY

Tower 36, Miami

This proposed office tower is planned to be 635 feet and is to have retail and restaurant space along with a rooftop garden. The office spaces are all to have terraces for the well-being of the occupants.

"The structure will be sited at 300 Biscayne Boulevard in Downtown Miami and consists of nine offset cubes that are intended to emphasize the structure's suspension and height." - Dezeen

The project broke ground in 2022 and is planned to be complete in 2026, topping out at 1,049 feet.

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