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Neom Project, Saudi Arabia

Updated: Jun 6

The futuristic cities we see in the movies may be closer to reality than you think.

Project Neom is being developed in Saudi Arabia. These are the type of cities we usually only see in fictional project proposals, but these are actually already under construction. This project would help diversify the income of the country and allow them to rely more on tourism and less on oil production.

The Line is one long strip across the land just over 105.5 miles long. It will be a city that requires no cars and is carbon-neutral. The developers are saying that the footprint of this city will be less invasive so that the animals and nature can thrive. The city will have no cars but will have an underground train, and walking and biking trails. AI is supposed to play a significant role in the city. The structure will be open at the top. The line is said to be a giant assembly project of premanufactured panels. This project is an example of vertical urbanism.

The other buildings are Sindalah (luxury island on the Red Sea), Trojena (in the mountains), and Oxagon (clean industrial zone).

This mega project is already underway with a completion goal of 2030. The 2029 Asian Winter Games is set to take place at Trojena even though it is not complete at this time.

The Naom Company hopes to be a model for the future of architecture. They want to influence others to live sustainably and efficiently.

Another main objective of this project is to grow and diversify the economy of Saudi Arabia. They plan for this development to bring in over 1 million people to live and work in a different way than ever before.

This mission reminds me a lot of colonizing the moon or Mars. People who choose to live here will be choosing a new way of life not yet explored. While it all seems so exciting and new it may take a particular kind of person to adjust to the changes from the ordinary. The website says that the residents will "embrace a culture exploration, risk-taking, and diversity." This is a project to keep up with as it continues to be built. I look forward to seeing the end product.

Oxagon (pictured below), an emissions-free industrial hub, will be a floating city on the Red Sea. They also want to create a coral reef restoration project here.




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