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National Taichung Theater

Japanese architect Toyo Ito - Taichung City, Taiwan

Completed in 2016

If you are looking for unusual structures, look no further than the Taichung Theatre. The tubes you see on the exterior continue to the interior, creating an interior as unique as the exterior.

The NTT's role is to promote art education, and the building is also art itself. Architecture is more than just walls, floors, and ceilings; and this building is such an excellent example of architecture as a work of art.

Architectural Record reports, "Conceptually, the building shell simply contains the interior, as if the system of tubes would continue were it not for the enclosure. In theory, says Ito, the four facades are not really facades: “They are sectional cuts.”

The architect has previous experience with this type of tubular design. Sendai Mediatheque is an earlier building with vertical tubes running through.

The building is 6 floors and has performance venues of varying sizes. "The NTT consists of three venues: the Grand Theater (2,007 seats), the Playhouse (794 seats), and the Black Box (200 seats)." -

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