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More Unique Buildings in the USA

Updated: Jun 6

1. Indian stepwells served as the inspiration for "The Vessel" in New York. At first glance, I thought a pine cone inspired it, but after learning the true inspiration, it does make sense. See the inspiration below on the right. The vessel was built to serve as a community gathering place and tourist attraction.

2. 1111 Lincoln Road (The Garage) in Miami, is unique because it is a garage and an event space. The form is not like a typical garage and it is illuminated with colored lights.

3. The Seattle Public Library: When is the last time you went on a trip and said, "We must check out the library here?" probably never, but this library might get added to an itinerary.

4. The MoPop Museum, or Museum of Pop Culture, is colorful and organically shaped. You can probably guess who designed it at first glance, Frank Gehry.

5. Mammy’s Cupboard in Mississippi is unique for sure. This building is shaped like a woman and the inside is a restaurant. It was built in 1939 to attract those who passed by on the highway.

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