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Interior Design Trends of 2019 Identified

With Spring approaching many people are already ditching their warm winter interior looks and updating to the fresh new style of 2019. I have done some research and have narrowed down a few 2019 design trends that most designers have agreed on.

This is what I have observed:

1. The biggest trend I identified is the idea of bringing the outdoors indoors as much as possible. Many designers wrote about how people are getting away from the very sterile minimalist driven decor and are bringing in elements that would normally be outdoors, such as: concrete, wood, plants, etc. This trend incorporates light, large green plants, and natural colors.

2. Here is one that you may not have thought about since the 90's...Wall Paper. Trends go and come and this one is coming back again. It has been used in moderation still, but large floral patterns are making their big comeback not only for accent walls, but for entire walls.The bold floral patterns aren't only exclusive to wall paper, but also show up in fabrics and artwork as well.

3. Vintage light fixtures are also making a come back. It seems that this year, modern is out, and vintage is in. A lot of patterns and textures that were popular in the 70's are being incorporated into the 2019 style.

4. Bold geometric patterned rugs, tile, wall paper, and in some cases ceilings are being used as an accent next to warm natural colors such as tan or brown. When it comes to the walls, natural colors or a bold, rich colors seem to be replacing the very popular grey from 2018.

5. Now let's talk more about color. Because green is a calm color taken from nature it has also gained a lot of popularity this year. Along with the plants and natural materials we now have natural color incorporation with the tans, browns, and greens.

6. One color that you will see a lot of this year is not as commonly found outdoors as the greens, tans, and browns. Pinks and corals are colors many will choose as an accent color for their neutral colored room. The pinks and corals that most are choosing this year are soft colors that don't overpower the rest of the room. Pantone actually chose Living Coral as the 2019 color of the year.

7. Many of you may be shocked to hear that the gallery wall trend is fading away and being replaced with one single, large piece of art as a focal point that makes a lasting impression.

8. Velvet furnishings are really in style as of this year. This is one trend that I have been keeping an eye on over the past couple of years and it has seemed to become increasingly popular. Since the 70's style is being incorporated in design this year I think that this could be the year that velvet couches make a comeback.

9. Curvy bold colored furnishings are also very in this year. Comfort is more of an important factor now than it has been in the past years of minimalism design. Curved furnishings form almost what you might call a furniture hug. Most curved furnishings naturally curve around people unlike straight rectangular furnishings.

10. I have to admit that I did not see this last one coming, but it looks like the canopy bed gaining popularity this year. This is another furnishing that provides the feeling of extra security and privacy. Although it is not always used that way today, with a cover for protection, it is still a nice design.

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