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Interior Decorating Using Patterns

Finding the right colors and patterns to create a space that serves the purpose of the room can seem like an overwhelming task. Can you have too many colors? Can you mix patterns? Each person has their own likes and dislikes when it comes to interior design, but how do you know if your room may be overwhelming to others? Can a room with patterns still feel peaceful?

What Patterns can do for a room visually:

  1. Large patterns appear less busy and are great for large items such as a wall or a rug.

  2. Small patterns are great in small quantities.

  3. Patterns are great for adding visual weight.

  4. Patterns add energy to a room.

How to mix patterns up:

  1. Use different size patterns

  2. Use similar colors or stay within a limited color palette

  3. Blend simple and complex patterns

  4. Stick to only a few patterns

  5. Provide Contrast

  6. Mix in Solids to break up the patterns

  7. Be thoughtful of the types of patterns you pair

  8. Trial and Error/ Try pairing samples before committing to the design

  9. Connect colors from the patterns

I gave pattern mixing a try and I chose a really busy patterned wallpaper to start with, but I think I was able to make it work successfully by choosing colors from the wall to incorporate with the other elements. You can choose colors that contrast, or a monochrome color scheme, so I chose a solid blue couch, a large abstract painting to break up the pattern, patterned orange pillows, and a dark grey patterned rug. I tried to create a space with visual interest and multiple patterns but didn't want to have the space look too overwhelming. I think that this wallpaper would make a great accent wall and the rest of the room could be a solid color to make the room seem less busy.

Good luck with your pattern mixing! I hope these tips help.


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