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Interesting New Products in Architecture

Recycled Glass Panels says, "For this collection, Los Angeles–based Walker Zanger sources recycled industrial glass and bottles in Germany, offering a 2cm-thick surface suitable for interior and exterior finishes in non-frost/thaw areas. Available in several colors and finishes, including polished and honed, the 100% recycled slabs can be backlit to highlight their composition."

Architectural Mesh

Architectural Mesh provides the ability to create structures in a variety of shapes. There are multiple uses for this material as well. Take a look at the website to see some of the amazing ways this product has been used.

Bumblebee Spaces

This product is a game changer for small living or working spaces. You are actually able to store items in a remote controlled storage area in your ceiling. These units suspend from the ceiling and come down for your use at your command. Your bedroom space can quickly be transformed to a living room space with the remote operating bed lifter. Check out the website to see what all this system can do.

AirBird Introduces us to a new way of monitoring indoor air quality. The item is based on the canary bird that would be taken into mines to detect dangerous gases.

Millennium Forms

Beautiful, reflective exterior surfaces.

"Millennium Forms™ located in Elkhorn, Wisconsin is the only producer in North America of Light Interference Color (LIC) stainless steel products. The clear oxide layer acts like a prism refracting light and creating various colors. LIC provides an organic and natural variation unlike the uniform static color of paint. They also offer ZALMAG®, “the solution to zinc.” Both products are available in tiles or multiple sized panels for facade, interior and roofing applications." -

Composite Decking

If you thought you have to built your deck out of timber, think again. Take a look at this composite product that is durable and can replace traditional timber decking. This type of decking is lower maintenance and longer lasting than traditional timber. Check out the website for more information.

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