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How Fashion is Related to Architecture

Updated: Jun 7

Fashion is related to architecture in many ways. Many designers have been influenced by architecture and continue to be influenced by it. Garments, like architecture, are more than just practical, but are creative, extravagant, and are expressions of the designer's personality.

Fashion in some cases has taken on a structural form and or takes inspiration from patterns or textures from buildings.

The photo below is an example from Architectural Digest. In their article they explain that Yasutoshi Ezumi was inspired by Frank Gehry and his use of paper models to form structures in a similar way that fashion designers will drape clothing. It is not difficult to see the similarities, in the designer's dress vs. Gehry's Building design (The American Center in Paris), when shown as a side by side comparison.

Some fashion show sets are designed specifically for the show, but others are held in or outside of iconic buildings. Either way, architecture is an important part of the presentation of fashion. Architecture even plays a roll in our everyday style. We often determine the outfit we will wear based on the place we are going. If we know we are going to an office building, we wear business or business casual attire, or if we are going to the supermarket where the building is just a rectangle meant to simply serve its purpose, we are usually not inspired to dress up and will sport a more casual look. Most of the time the nicer the building, the nicer the event, the nicer the outfit that we decide to wear.

Yves Saint Laurent Fashion Show at the Eifel Tower. Photo from Elle. Link below to article.

There are buildings that seem to be influenced by draped or pleated fabric as well.

Archpaper talks about the distorted reality of the Paradise City building that features an opening inspired by lifted fabric.

Also, there are patterns, textures, and shapes used by fashion designers that were influenced by the patterns in architecture. In the Rethinking the Future article we see several examples of this.


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