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Graphic Design Trends 2020

Updated: 7 days ago says "No graphic design trends list would be complete without a vintage inspired look making some form of comeback. What makes 2020 unique is hyper-pastiche: designers won’t revive one specific era but pretty much all of them. Whether it’s Victorian or Medieval, Art Deco or Art Nouveau, past art styles are merging with modern designs in one massive chronological collage." - See Article

Merriam-Webster Dictionary :

1: a literary, artistic, musical, or architectural work that imitates the style of previous work...

HODGEPODGE: The house is decorated in a pastiche of Asian styles.

So that's it, a hodgepodge, but a fancier word: pastiche, but not just any pastiche, hyper-pastiche. Graphic design in 2020 cannot be described as made up of inspiration from one generation or another. It is a mash up of multiple trends from the past. Some of the top trends reflect back to what was popular in another time and is not so much of what is new.

Typography remains experimental as it has for years and perhaps has become even more important in making a statement in today's art.

Color choice is all over the place, but I know that this year I have seen more bold colors and more pink used than in the past years. Maybe due to changes in gender equality and perspective, pink is no longer the cliche girly color and is becoming more widely used because of it. calls the color choice cyberpunk, and says that the color pallet, blues, purples, and pinks, have a futuristic glow. A lot of new art has a futuristic or dystopian feel. They explain that the reason for this is that companies are going bolder and brighter than ever before in order to compete with one another. Color is not the only effect that designers have been applying. Neon glow, textures, and shiny metallic effects are enhancing graphics to an even higher stand out level.

Animation of graphics has also become more widespread as companies compete for viewer attention across multiple platforms.

Patterns, textures, and geometric design have emerged as a popular 2020 trend. These have become more bold and abstract than in recent years past. Abstract shapes are used as backgrounds, make up objects, or just exist as the artwork themselves. This can also be seen in the banana example below. Small geometric shapes make up the larger banana shape.

Relatively new in design; however, is 3D computer generated design. 3D design has come a long way and could be considered newer than a lot of the other trends. It has made a huge impact on designers that no longer have to limit themselves to a 2D representation. 3D has opened up a path for creators to help other's with visualization of products and spaces. Along with this, virtual reality has emerged as another tool for visual aid. The two are working together and can be used on hand held electronic devices to visualize items in a space, such as products in your home, before you purchase them.

Monochrome hasn't seemed as popular in recent years, but is gaining in popularity. Monochrome doesn't have to be simply black and white, but can be any color mixed with tints (white added in) and tones (black added in) of that chosen color.

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