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Grand Millennial

I came across the term Grand Millennial as I began researching the 2021 interior design trends. I was unfamiliar with this term until now. The style is based on the millennials who are rebelling against the current sleek and modern looks. These are people that enjoy the ruffles, florals, and textures used by their parents and grandparents.

As a millennial, I believe that it is too soon for this style to return. I can see how the style may feel nostalgic or comforting to some people, but I see patterns galore with minimal visual space to rest the eye. I find it overwhelming for the eyes and stressful to the mind the same as I did in the 90s. I never saw the purpose of having everything match. Why does someone need wallpaper that matches the bedspread and the curtains? To me, it is just a bit much.

I do believe in using patterns as an accent. Sprinkling in patterned elements can be a nice touch to a minimally decorated room. Let's keep these Grand Millinial touches to a minimum and not cover an entire room in one pattern. There is a tasteful way to use nostalgic items in a room's decor.

If you visit the link I have referenced above, you will find this list of items considered Grand Millennial. I have included the list below. There are a lot of nice elements that would be great if not overdone. Let's keep it classy and classic at the same time.


Classic patterns

Pleated shades

Fine china

Skirted/ruffled fabric


Scalloped edges




Wood furniture



Boxwood topiary


Foo dogs

Fringe & trim


Rose medallion ware


Curtains & valances


Rooms inspired by design icons Mario Buatta and Sister Parish

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