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Future Technology in Architecture

Updated: Jun 10

We have imagined new technology in science fiction for years, but some of those ideas weren't so much fictional ideas. If you take a look at the changing field of Architecture and Interior Design you will see the use of digital 3D modeling as well as virtual reality beginning to used to demonstrate a space to a client. Hologram technology has improved and now a holographic table has been created by the company Euclideon. With this technology an architect can use the table like they would a real 3D model. Sure, right now one of these tables may cost you around $90,000, but as the technology grows and changes, it will most likely come down in price like technology always has in the past.

The link below the picture will take you to Euclideon's website and you can see what all this device can do.

Existing programs used by architects daily, such as Sketchup by Trimble, are also integrating with systems to incorporate hologram models. See the next link for more information on this from

Another scientific invention has impacted the way that architects are thinking about the modeling process. How amazing would it be if there were a way to scan a building from the outside and see what was on the inside. Now that is becoming possible with the power of wifi waves and holographic technology. With this technology it could be possible to determine layouts and measurements needed to create a model based on measurements For an explanation of the science behind this you can follow the link below:

Other Resources:

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