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Fall Interior Trends 2022

Below I have listed some of the biggest Fall 2022 Home Interior Trends. I have also included links to help you learn how easily you can transition between Summer and Fall styles.

Fall 2022 interior design styles include:

1970s Styles

Fringed Accents

Cozy Linens, Blankets, and Pillows

Pops of color

Dry flowers, or fall floral arrangments

Nature or nature-inspired patterns

Natural Wood and Woven Elements

Warm Neutrals and Earth Tones

Wood Furnishings

Vintage Decorations

Coastal Grandma Style

Easily transition from Summer to Fall:


For example, the living room from the link above is decorated for Summer, but with a few decorations or colors changing, a space can easily transition from one season to the next. I like that this room has a painting with multiple colors that can pair with almost any color decorations.

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