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Design Trends Changes and Events

Updated: Jun 11

I started thinking about each of the interior design styles in each decade of the 1900's. Each is so unique and changes were drastic between a few, possible because of how quickly new items were being invented and how times were changing. A lot of designs today take influence from those past decades, but what was the influence on each? I would like to start with a short overview of 1900-1930.

1900-1910 Inventions: Radio broadcasting, the first Ford Automobile, the Wright Brothers took flight, the 1st color photograph process was invented, and Edison had also invented the electric motor.

In 1900 interiors were painted light neutral colors and most homes showed off natural wooden features such as trim, flooring, doors, furnishings, and even some had wood ceilings or left the beams exposed. In 1900 home interiors were kept simple for the most part with handmade items for decoration. Handmade furnishings, ornate decorations depicting nature, and floral designs were popular.

Photo Source: Check out thee details of this historic home by following the link:

Designs were generally less elaborate in 1900 than in 1910 and after. More details, color, and wall paper came into play as the years went on, especially in the homes of the wealthy. The decorations became more elaborate and the designs more ornate.

Influences: Nature, Japanese Art from new trade with Japan, the Industrial Revolution, Neo Gothic, Arts and Crafts Movement.

1910's Inventions: Motion Picture, Motorized Movie Camera, Pyrex, Stainless Steel

Here is an example of a 1915 home in Alabama. To see more about this home and the photos follow the link below.

The 1920's was the Art Deco period. Geometric patterns and glamorous materials became the new style. WWI was over and industry was booming. Cheaply made items from plastic and metal began being manufactured and mass produced. The people became less attached to old traditions and embraced the changing world. The first radio station in the U.S. began in 1920 and cars were being used for travel. This period is also known as the Jazz Age.

1920's Inventions: Band-Aid, Robot, Insulin, Television, Frozen Foods, Technicolor, & Penicillin

Invention: Polaroid photography, Drive-In Theater, Tape Recorder for Broadcasting

The Great Depression of the 1930's effected Interior design. Things were functional and minimal. Floral patterns were popular in curtains and furnishings. Art and fancy items were kept to a minimal because times were hard and not many people could afford them. Due to the lack of decoration, rooms looked more open and spacious.

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