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Creating a Touchless Workspace

Updated: Jun 7


There are many products available today that come with a phone application you can use to control them. With a device such as Alexa, you can also use vocal commands to operate devices. These devices have proven extremely useful for office and home use during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Everyone thought the clapper light was an amazing invention back in 1985 when it was first released. This device was the first to introduce people to home automation. Technology sure has come a long way since then. You can now use a phone application or voice to control lighting fixtures, operable blinds, door locks, security cameras, and much more. But sure, if you are still a big fan of the clapper that works too.

If you want to get even more nostalgic, think back to the 1999 movie, Smart House. This was a dream home that was fully automated. That house was able to do things that we could only dream of in the 90s, but now many of the functions in the movie are available and affordable to the average household. For some fun comparisons check out this link:

You can also use this technology to control the room's temperature. Thermostats like Nest are great because you can modify the room temperature from your phone while you are in or out of your office.

Touchless water faucets, soap, and towel dispensers for the restrooms are great to avoid contact with commonly touched surfaces.

Door pulls for the feet or a waving motion sensor can keep you and your employees from touching the door handle.

There could be more automated functions in the future, but for now, try utilizing these to help create a touch-free work environment.

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