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Congrats Grad - Intern 2020-2021

Our 2020-2021 Winn Despot has completed his time here with us at Designform. We enjoyed having him here and we wish him the best of luck as he enters his first year of college. He is very talented and we believe that he has a bright future ahead of him. Before he left we wanted to ask him a few questions about his experience here.

Here is what he had to say:

Q: What was your favorite part of your experience here at Designform?

A: My favorite part about my experience here would be real work experience and the awesome people I get to work with.

Q: What did you learn from this experience?

A: I learned quite a lot of things. One major thing I learned is what a real work office looks like and the environment that you are put into. I also learned tons about drafting and got to work on some awesome projects.

Q: What is next for you? How will you use the resources acquired at Designform?

A: I am really excited for my next chapter in life and can’t wait to move onto college. I will use my drafting knowledge that I obtained through work with design form to pursue my passion for engineering. I will also use the experience for my resume and will know what it is like to work in an office.

Q: Do you have any additional thoughts or words of wisdom for the staff or next intern?

A: Make sure to learn everything you can while you can, knowledge is the key to success.

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