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Best Influential Architecture Trends of 2019

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Architecture and design is changing constantly. With every year that comes and goes we see the industry growing and becoming more creative when it comes to design. The year 2020 is close in sight which means new trends and ideas to enhance the way we live. By doing research, I have found 11 most influential trends that impacted us the most in the year 2019.

1. Small Space Living

The trend of living small has really became popular in the past couple of years. They have shows now dedicated to the idea of getting the most out of a small space. People who are into this small space trend are people who want a more Eco-friendly option of living or don't have an abundance of space to work with. These tiny homes are even being used as mobile homes. People who love to travel will often put wheels on their tiny house so wherever they go, their home is with them. For designers, a tiny home is a great way to show off their skills in outside of the box creativity and thinking.

2. Accessibility in Design

Accessibility design allows everyone to be able to function properly as they live out their daily lives. We don't realize how easily we can take a simply thing like opening up a door with ease for granted. For some people opening a door can be a real challenge. That's why having the proper accessibility design is so important in society. The main goal in the design is to make sure everyone has the same access to adequate and functional spaces.

3. Green Design/Recycled Materials

Conserving the environment and becoming more Eco-friendly has been one of the stars in 2019. People are now wanting their designs to help the planet and not hurt it. There are numerous ways that you can incorporate the idea of "being green" into a design. Solar panels, living walls, recycled materials, LED lighting, and using product with low VOCs are all part of ways designers use to help conserve the environment. This idea goes off of the belief of Frank Lloyd Wright, that design should complement and listen to nature.

4. Locally Sourced Materials and Design

Along the environmental awareness, you can see a shift towards local materials and techniques. Designers are starting to turn to locally made oppose to the big manufacturers. Some designers prefer getting all of their materials locally because it helps small businesses and they're supporting their community. Overall, the result can be more sustainable and affordable projects.

5. Automation and Robotic Design

With today's technology, we can see some very impressive and amazing things. Because of all the advancements in technology, design and architecture is on a whole new level. Smart homes are becoming widely popular nowadays. Systems that can change the temperatures, lock your house, turn down the lights, and devices that can learn your personal preferences and adjust your home's environment all with one click of a button. You now see robotic furniture, blinds that can close and open themselves, and even robotic bartenders. It's amazing to think about all the technological advances that has made our lives a lot easier to live.

Guest Blogger: Callie Reasner

Information Source: For more trends of 2019 visit:

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