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Architectural Wildfire Precaution Techniques

Updated: Jun 11

As I watch the devastation of the latest wildfires worsen each day, on the news, my heart goes out to all of the people that are being affected. I've started to wonder if there is maybe a way to prevent the amount of loss and damage in the future by use of building materials. I started to research, knowing that someone out there has to be working on this already. That is when I came across the website links below. I am interested in the methods that they have produced and wonder how these will be taken to the next level. In a climate that has gotten hotter and dryer in the West, it seems safe to assume that there will eventually be a wide spread method of fire prevention from outside of the home. Here is what I have discovered so far:

Fire Resistant Home:

Aluminum Fire Shield

Exterior Fire Sprinklers:

Preventing Embers from entering into any of the homes crevasses is very difficult.There are more openings than you would realize. The sweeping of the wind causes embers to travel. The blanketing of the home seems to be the best method for that type of prevention.

Rolling fire shutters for windows:


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