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A New Era in Art and Architecture

Updated: 3 days ago

The link above is an article from ArchDaily about Mars House, by Krista Kim, the first digital home to be sold on the NFT Marketplace. A virtual piece of architecture was sold as an NFT. Now what in the world does that mean and how is this different than the virtual walk-through type creations that architects are already creating?

All of this is new and confusing, so I thought I better look it up so that I can keep up with the times. This article from The Verge gives a pretty clear explanation for the average person trying to wrap your head around the concept.

An NFT (Non-fungible token) is explained as a sort of trading card that is unique. Non-fungible means that it's unique and can't be replaced with something else. You can only have one owner of an original piece even though a replica is just as good as the original in the case of digital artwork. Why buy digital art that can easily be reproduced and be seen by others in the same quality? That is what is hard to understand. Like an art dealer though, who buys a work of art and sells it later for more than they paid, the same goes for a digital piece. The value of owning the artwork can fluctuate.

So it turns out the house is an AI home that is not for production in the real world. It is just a form of art. Ok, that is not too unusual or different. Others have created virtual artwork and augmented realities that are not meant to be reproduced in real life. This artist decided that the piece would be a light sculpture, with LED substrate, a tool for a relaxing and meditative experience.

Augmented Reality artwork is relatively new and I have a feeling we will be consuming this type of artwork a lot more in the future. This gives architects and designers a new outlet for creativity and the opportunity to extend their services to a different type of consumer.

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