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Designform provided renovations to the existing 2 story, 12,880 sq
ft,  office  building  and  32,345  sq  ft  warehouse,  relocation  of
existing fabrication shop and addition of mezzanine, connector
building,  plumbing  assembly  shop,  and  tool  storage  area.  This
relocation  and  addition  provided  a  total  of  46,156  sq  ft  of
fabrication/assembly area.

The addition of the mezzanine provided an additional 10,311 SF for a total of 23,191 SF of operational business space. The mezzanine provided additional offices, a meeting room, and multi- purpose room connected to a new break room. The multipurpose room included 2 sound proof operable partitions so that the large room   could   be   divided   as   needed   based   on   activity.   

The mezzanine included offices for the production/assembly managers which provided them with a direct connection with the production assembly areas without reducing the operational sq ft of 
those areas.

The new connector building required the removal of existing precast panels and provided access to the newly added pipe fabrication shop, plumbing assembly shop, and tool storage area constructed 
adjacent to the metal products fabrication and assembly area.
The tool storage area  and  plumbing assembly shop  includes a
drive in door connection and man door connections to the metal
products fabrication and assembly area. The plan was arranged
not only for space efficiency but for operational efficiency as well.
The existing office building allowed space for all support services.
There were still connection points, but a direct connection was
not   needed   or   beneficial   with   the   fabrication   areas.   This
separation  allowed  for  less  distraction  and  more  productivity.
They   were   even   able   to   separate   the   vendors   from   the


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