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The mission of The Exceptional Foundation is “Striving to meet the social and recreational needs of the mentally and/or physically challenged individuals in the greater Birmingham area.”


Designform was faced with the challenge of designing renovations and additions to this 27,500-square-foot facility to meet the needs of the growing participant population. 

The original facility consisted of a gymnasium and a small administrative area.  After conducting a series of workshops with the staff, Designform proposed renovations and additions to provide more multi-purpose activity areas, food service and laundry areas, spaces for art education, improved security features and improved /additional administrative space. The grounds were also improved to provide additional exterior activity areas.


Clerestory natural lighting was introduced into the multi-purpose areas to enhance the interior environment, which was previously void of natural light. Building circulation was improved by adding a “Main Street” corridor accessing all primary activity areas while serving as a gathering space and participant locker area. 

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