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ewtn, d.c.

The Eternal Word Television Network, EWTN, expanded their broadcast to begin a nightly news from Washington D.C. and enlisted Designform to guide their 36,109 sf renovation of the 11th floor of the American Psychological Association Building next to Union Station to create a newsroom environment with offices, studios, and chapel space. The floor was previously occupied by a Washington think tank and had to be completely re-purposed for EWTN. 

Designform provided a design solution that involved demolition of the interior walls and finishes while conducting a study of the mechanical and electrical systems to determine how best to adapt to current needs. Due to building height limitations in D.C., the floor to floor elevation was extremely limited. Designform closely coordinated the mechanical and electrical system requirements to maximize ceiling heights and provide the overhead clearance requirements for studio lighting and control room wiring.

Using an interior finish palette of warm woods, travertine marble, strategic lighting design, artwork niches, and softly painted walls, the Designform's architectural and interior design team assisted EWTN in creating a strong studio presence in our nations’ capitol.

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